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Big Ideas + Great Writing

Words have incredible power. They can convey your message, explain your perspective, persuade your reader, and tell your story.

Hiring Alice Moody to help you craft engaging writing enables you to do all of this and more. Alice's business, Platinum Pen Consulting, specializes in personal and strategic writing and content development. She poses insight-revealing questions, clarifies your objectives, and helps you define and refine your key messages. She assists students and clients brainstorm, write, edit, and hone until the work is perfect.

Count on her to work with you to produce pieces that capture the essence of who you are, what you do, and how your audience will benefit from the value you provide.

Alice's expertise with structure, style, tone, and voice ensures a final product that resonates with its audience. She exceeds your expectations and prides herself on always delivering a "platinum" experience.

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Writing Coaching, College Essay Coaching, Writing Workshops, Literary Programs, Book Discussions


articles, newsletters, value propositions, website content, flyers, profiles, speeches, surveys, templates, mission and vision statements


personal statements and supplemental essays for undergraduate and graduate programs


multi genre writing workshops, literature discussions, and author interviews

Short Stories Live, Just Write: A Workshop, Just Discuss: Poetry, 

Don't Hit Send: Business Writing Fundamentals



Alice poses tactical questions designed to understand you and your objectives. Cognizant of your intended audience's lens, she helps you gather the necessary background information and details to effectively craft your communication.


Alice records your answers and helps you physically map them out, looking for common words, themes, and ideas. She helps you identify the who, what, why, and how of your unique story.


Relying on a deep understanding of the tenets of good writing, Alice helps you produce compelling content. Multiple drafts and edits ensure the quality of your finished product.


"Alice helped us formalize how we communicate our value proposition and process to our target market. She took the time to learn about our team on a deep level and intuitively created content that brought our mission to life through the written word."

Keith Spengel, Co-Founder, Symphony Financial

"Alice has been instrumental in helping my son. Not only is she a uniquely talented, competent writing coach, her compassion and sheer enthusiasm are extraordinary. She's that rare person who goes above and beyond and gives fully of herself. She's been such a positive influence on my son's self-esteem."

Amy Schwartz, Parent

"Alice's short story class was extraordinary. Her outstanding choice of fascinating and thought-provoking stories and skilled facilitation made Tuesday mornings a time to learn and grow and a time of joy and reflection."

Susan G., Discussion Group Participant


Alice Elizabeth Moody

Writing Coach, Workshop Instructor, and

Book Group Facilitator

I have always revered words and their ability to explain, persuade, and enlighten.


Equipped with a bachelor's degree in English from Johns Hopkins, I worked briefly in publishing before returning to school and earning a master's degree from the University of Chicago. Upon graduation, I found my true passion –writing and helping others share their stories through writing. In 1998, when I was an English teacher, living in San Francisco, I first offered my services to students and small businesses.

Through my years of experience, including the past decade, where I have led popular writing workshops on Chicago's North Shore, worked individually with scores of students and professionals, and facilitated book groups, I have gained a reputation for producing excellent results and forming strong relationships.


If you need an experienced writer, editor, and coach who provides a fully integrated service, dedicated to telling your story, then please contact me to discuss the benefits of working with Platinum Pen Consulting.



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